Daughter to DreamBuilders The Consultancy, DreamSports Media is reaching new audiences and breaking new media grounds.

DreamSports Media is specialising in Sports Marketing and Sports Branding. Established in 2009 the DreamSports company aims to promote and support sports culture. In the companys portfolio are the brands DreamSports.tv and DreamSportsHorses.

DreamSports.tv is a web based tv channel that curates and promotes the best ‘narrowcast’ sports events from around the world.

Launched in May 2015 the channel uses the hashtags #SportsWeLikeToWatch and #SportsYouWantToWatchButCannotFind to underline the dreamsports.tv mission of facilitating that narrowcast online audiences actually can find the relevant live stream or re-live broadcasts from interesting events to watch.

It’s a fact that the sports television market is in disruption and under severe convergence. This process includes a bit of rigidity as broadcast rights for some sports (soccer, the olympics etc) are soaring in price – while some (read most) sports are struggling to sell their broadcast rights and thus to get tv coverage and sponsor exposure of their events. This is naturally forcing event organisers to produce and broadcast the event themselves. And in this respect most events organisers seems to be short of maketing engine to reach audiences.

#SportsWeLikeToWatch – totally mobile via the dreamsports.tv App

dreamsports.tv launched it’s mobile App on Google Play and iTunes Store just under a month ago. This addition to the channels social media presence enables these new and discerning audiences to enjoy live coverage from interesting sports while using their mobile devices.

So far, the conclusion is that sports action outside of the mainstream can attract and entertain worldwide audiences…  DreamSports.tv could be a channel of choice for event organisers looking for more than just a local audience reach.

Presently DreamSports.tv have live and re-live channels within these sports:

  • Equestrian Sports
  • Sailing
  • Beach Volley
  • Canoe & Kayak
  • Extreme Sports
  • Surf Sports
  • Tennis
  • Womens Golf
  • Aquatics
  • Motor Sports
  • Winter Sports

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