When the Internet burst on the scene in the mid-1990s, some observers predicted it would greatly diminish the demand for content, particularly the written word. That prediction now ranks right up there with flying cars and robot assistants. In reality, the emergence of a truly digital business environment has fueled huge demand for content—blogs, videos, interactive tutorials, white papers, social media content, and much more. In this new digital order, many organizations are discovering that they need additional content specialists—particularly those who are savvy in areas such as video creation, scripts, and producing written materials. What’s more, the interrelationship between technologies and channels is creating demand for content producers who can think in a more conceptual way, Dartmouth’s Johnson observed.


The challenge for CMOs in 2013 will be to find and develop talent and squeeze out content that’s attractive and compelling—without blowing out tight budgets that remain following the Great Recession. Michelle Glennie, operations manager at The Partner Marketing Group, told that marketers must approach this environment with the mantra: repurpose, repurpose, repurpose.