A funny thing happened on the march to digital marketing: Many CMOs are rediscovering traditional media. In fact, conventional advertising and commercials still represent the largest chunk of the marketplace—about twice as much as digital media advertising in terms of total dollars spent, according to Malaviya. “The bottom line is that TV and print are more important than ever,” Mondelez International’s Bough told “In a world where content is king, TV networks and print publishers are some of the best mass content producers. They are at the forefront of figuring out ways to bring the right content to life at the right time and to the right audience.”

During the next few years, expect television sets to undergo some major changes. Apple is rumored to be developing a digital age set, and other tech giants are studying the concept as well. More effective ways to measure and gauge viewer and reader response (think social media analytics, cross-screen integration, and QR codes) could turn traditional media upside down. Predicted Bough: “Cross-screen integration will become the most powerful strategy available to brand marketers and will give new meaning to the term ‘connected experience.’”