Five trends that prove the power of (G)LOCAL innovation!

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How Digital Darwinism Changed Customer Experience

Customer Experience is the sum of all engagements in the customer journey throughout their lifecycle. It’s not any one moment, it’s all the moments together. Digital disruption humanizes customer experience today because it forces us to see the breadcrumbs that people leave and ultimately the behaviors that they exhibit…and more so their preferences and interest etc. It allows businesses to see people for who they are and who they want to become.

The future of customer experience lies in the ability to read architect not only what the experience is and how to improve it and to remove friction, but also to reimagine what the experience could be based on how technology is changing us.

To survive in an era in digital Darwinism not just think differently but act differently. One such way is to build the equivalent of an innovation center  within the company. This is different than R&D. This is about looking at emerging trends and technologies and also the disruption or effect it has upon markets


Video: BRIAN SOLIS on What is experience? What is customer experience? Believe it or not, trying to answer these questions is where the future of digital transformation and experience design intersect.  “While I was in London at an event focused on innovation in customer experience, I filmed a short video for Oracle to explore the topic. A 20 minute conversation was edited down to a a one minute burst. Knowing that this would happen, I spoke in Twitter-like responses. I hope it helps you in some way…”

How Digital Darwinism Changed Customer Experience

Your customers are evolving AGAIN.

If you want to know where they’re heading tomorrow, start looking at the innovations being launched TODAY.

You want actionable foresight on where your customers are heading next. Regular readers will already know where we stand on how you can find it 😉

Since the year began, we’ve seen thousands of consumer-facing innovations pour in from every corner of the globe via TW:IN, our global network of switched-on spotters.

Why should you care? Because game-changing innovations create new customer expectations. And once created, new expectations spread across markets, industries and demographics. Eventually, they’ll spread all the way to your customers – and to your door!

And that’s why we’re about to dive in to 16 of the most expectation-rewiring innovations of 2016 so far. Your job is simple: for every innovation, strip out the underlying lesson for YOU about how customer’s expectations are changing.


Respect Your Selfie

Respect Your Selfie: Why the Portrait Reigns Supreme, From Van Dyck to Ed Atkins

(art: Still from Ribbons (2014) by Ed Atkins. Image via Gavin Brown’s Enterprise.) Article by:

By Karen Rosenberg June 3, 2016

What does it mean to be a portrait artist today, when portraiture is more of a reflex than an art—a prerequisite for engaging with the world, via a carefully modulated stream of selfies and face-swaps? The current resurgence of the figure in contemporary art makes this question all the more pressing: faces and bodies are everywhere, but few of them qualify as conventional portraits.

Instead, we have allegorical figures (in Nicole Eisenman’s current shows at the New Museum and Anton Kern), composite figures who may be based on several individuals (as in the latest work by Barkley Hendricks), imagined figures (as in the paintings of Lynette Yiadom-Boakye), human-alien hybrids (in Jamian Juliano-Villani), meticulously fabricated robots based on pop-cultural sources (in Jordan Wolfson’s outing at David Zwirner), and an assortment of avatars (in the videos of Cao FeiCasey Jane Ellison, and DIS, among many others).

Three current shows in New York, taken together, tell us something about what has happened to the portrait and how it might continue to evolve under pressure from technology and our compulsion to self-present. The superb “Van Dyck: The Anatomy of Portraiture,” at the Frick Collection through June 5, surveys the short but intense career of one of the most gifted portrait artists of all time. The Whitney Museum’s wide-angle collection show “Human Interest” reminds us that the democratization of portraiture started more than a century ago, and encourages us to think more broadly about what is or isn’t a portrait. Finally, Ed Atkins’s solo show of videos at the still-under-construction Gavin Brown space in Harlem puts forth a futuristic kind of portraiture that’s as raw as its setting, even if it’s ultra-sophisticated in its use of facial-recognition and motion-capture technologies.


Behind the Brand Tony Robbins

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