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Five trends that prove the power of (G)LOCAL innovation! Don’t miss the free webinar at TrendWatching. Global Head of Trends & Insights, David Mattin, on Thursday 19th May at 16:00 CET for an exclusive free webinar as he explores the power of the GLOBAL BRAIN Trends cross borders – local, regional, national – faster than ever. Creating […]

How Digital Darwinism Changed Customer Experience

Customer Experience is the sum of all engagements in the customer journey throughout their lifecycle. It’s not any one moment, it’s all the moments together. Digital disruption humanizes customer experience today because it forces us to see the breadcrumbs that people leave and ultimately the behaviors that they exhibit…and more so their preferences and interest etc. […]

Your customers are evolving AGAIN.

If you want to know where they’re heading tomorrow, start looking at the innovations being launched TODAY. You want actionable foresight on where your customers are heading next. Regular readers will already know where we stand on how you can find it 😉 Since the year began, we’ve seen thousands of consumer-facing innovations pour in from […]

The Path to 2020: Marketers Seize the Customer Experience

The EIU surveyed 499 CMOs and senior marketing executives worldwide to explore which technologies and customer trends are likely to change marketing organizations the most over the next five years. The results paint an even more transformative picture for marketing in its quest to own the customer experience. Download the report from Maketo to learn […]

Respect Your Selfie

Respect Your Selfie: Why the Portrait Reigns Supreme, From Van Dyck to Ed Atkins (art: Still from Ribbons (2014) by Ed Atkins. Image via Gavin Brown’s Enterprise.) Article by: By Karen Rosenberg June 3, 2016 What does it mean to be a portrait artist today, when portraiture is more of a reflex than an art—a prerequisite for engaging with the world, via a […]