Many marketers have turned to social media to promote their brands and dive into reputation management, so now the area is evolving rapidly. Loyalty programs, transactional marketing efforts, big data, and analytics are a few of the areas becoming enmeshed with social. As a result, “CMOs need to consciously think about ways to capture consumer profiles and data,” Peter Krasilovsky, vice president and program director at consulting firm BIA/Kelsey, told “Many have taken the first steps by focusing on Facebook likes. The next steps focus more on yield. The goal is to move away from solely focusing on new customer acquisition and toward the retention of existing and best customers.”



The buzz over big data has been nothing short of deafening. It has beckoned with the promise of delivering a better understanding of customers and the overall business. Unfortunately, “There is still a lot of naivety and inexperience; a lot of companies are clueless about how to unlock the value that’s tucked away in their data,” noted M. Eric Johnson, director of the Center for Digital Technology at Dartmouth University, in an interview with

However, better tools and greater knowledge about how to apply big data concepts means the landscape is changing rapidly. Organizations that tear down data silos and create more efficient ways to connect all of the dots will unlock exponential gains over the next few years.



So far, the long-promised digital wallet has lagged behind expectations. Google Wallet, Square, Apple, and others have introduced electronic payment, loyalty, and couponing systems, but there’s no single solution that works everywhere and all of the time.

The most enticing component of the digital wallet, is transactional marketing—an area where Apple, in particular, is quietly making progress with its Passbook app. “There’s no reason why businesses should be handing out punch-out loyalty cards when they can use customer analytics to build a loyalty program that segments their best customers and markets to them individually